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Premium Sonic Toothbrush - V8.800

Premium Sonic Toothbrush - V8.800

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Find more about the Premium Sonic Toothbrush below


Vibration Frequency - 32,000 strokes/min
(compared to 7,500 strokes/min for a rotating toothbrush and 300 strokes/min for a manual one).

Built-in Automatic Timer - Turns off after 2 minutes
(30 seconds reminder to change to the next quadrant)

USB Wireless - Magnetic Inductive Charging.

IPX7 Waterproof

Ergonomic Design - Easy to hold

How to Use

3 modes of speed adjustments:

White light:

soft oral cleaning, suitable for sensitive teeth.

Green light:
deep oral cleaning, suitable for tartar removal.

Blue light:
normal oral cleaning, suitable for most users.

With a portable, Travel Box, you can take it anywhere with you; especially that our toothbrush is lighter and more compact than other electrical toothbrushes.


The V8.800 premium sonic toothbrush offers higher brushing speed, which stimulates the production of saliva, resulting in whiter teeth and healthier gums. It is also effective for brushing with or without braces, with increased coverage of the cleaned area - unattainable by standard brushing.

The toothbrush's fluid dynamics are another key feature - the high frequency vibrations stir the water and the toothpaste beyond the interdental spaces and below the gum line, where bristles cannot reach. This results in superior plaque removal, removing up to 3 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Finally, the toothbrush is gentler on the teeth than manual brushes - you only have to move the brush along the surface of the teeth, no pressure applied. Overall, our toothbrush promotes whiter teeth and healthier gums, making brushing effective and efficient with or without braces.

In the Box

Brush Handle x1

Brush Head x2

Portable Travel Box x1

Induction Charging Base x1

Delivery & Return

Free Delivery is included in the price and takes about 3 to 5 business days to be delivered. However, if you choose Express Delivery at the checkout, the products will be dispatched the same day, and it takes 1 to 2 business days to be delivered. 

Transform your oral care routine with our Premium Sonic Toothbrush. This advanced toothbrush is designed to remove plaque and surface stains from your teeth with ease, leaving your teeth feeling cleaner and healthier than ever before. With multiple brushing modes and a long-lasting battery, you can customize your brushing experience and achieve the best results for your unique needs. Our premium sonic toothbrush is perfect for those looking for a professional clean in the comfort of their own home. Upgrade your oral care routine and get your Premium Sonic Toothbrush today.

The design is sleek and professional-looking, and the toothbrush itself feels very high quality. The bristles are gentle yet effective, and my teeth feel noticeably cleaner after each use. Overall, a great investment in oral hygiene that I would highly recommend.

- Jane Welington -

  • Built-in Automatic Timer

    Turns off after 2 minutes (30 seconds reminder to change to the next quadrant)

  • 32,000 strokes/min

    Vibration frequency - Compared to 7500 strokes/min for a rotating toothbrush

  • Ergonomic Design

    with Wireless Magnetic Inductive Charging

  • Superior Plaque Removal

    Removes up to 3 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

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